1, Gas safety valve structure is the ball plug type, valve ball with tension spring suspension in the valve body end. So when install this valve is not subject to any direction and Angle of the restrictions, than for several kinds of gas relief valve on the market at present (plunger straight inserted inside to open the valve) can only horizontal installation products, use the installation more convenient, more advanced, the technology has won the international gold award "" Einstein invented the new technology.
    2, Gas leak proof can relief valve wireless remote control receiving gas leak alarm and quickly cut off the gas source, its electric control system is bring 2 section 7, 1.5 V alkaline battery, than the existing alarm execution system USES the 220 V alternating current (ac) has greatly increased the safety coefficient. This device is a wireless remote control, when installation wire and places without limit, without professional engineering installation. Suitable for old customers, and building has been decorated users to install and use, bring great convenience for gas security work. The technology than the current market of gas alarm automatically shut off (cable) control valve and its wiring installation need cloth, construction complexity, installation is time consuming, and thus improve the installation costs. Comparison, the better, gas alarm, wireless cut technology leading domestic.
    3, Innovation, design the function of timing cut off, when you do not use gas automatically cut off the air in the set time, prevent gas leakage. Within easy reach of the electronic controller to set a time and perform the valve closed and closed operation, use very convenient. This technology is currently the leading domestic.
    4, Innovative design, the function of thermal cut off, when other accident kitchen fire, indoor temperature more than 55 ℃, the protection to cut off the gas source automatically. Do not use plastic seal, not leak under 500 ℃ high temperature. This technology is currently the leading domestic.

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