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     1.While the gas source switch and voltage regulator are out of control,rubber duct breaks ,falls off ,or burning tool''s switch is out of order ,this product can automatically shut off  instantaneosly,and cut off the gas source,guarding againgst gas poisoning,ignition,fire,etc.tokeep your health.
     2.The magnetic line of spool makes the gas molecule ynite,which raises heating efficiency,thus producing the good efficency that saves energy and decreases the harmful smoke,tokeep your health.
     3.The external plastic circle is the induction area of magneric field,which uses magnetic field''s attractive force and reverse airflow direction to pu sh the plastic circle,recovering the gas source quickly.This has solved the deadiy hidden trouble of the present products of the same kind both at home and broad,the gas source''s leakage caused by the aging of the center''s sealing rubber ring,and because the centre,which designed for recovering the gas source,inserts diretly inside the valve body.
     4.This valve''s structure is bal-plug type.The valve bll hangs on side of the valve body by the draw spring.Therefore,this valve is not retricted by any direction and ang le while installing it,which solves the disadvantage that some kinds of gas safety valves can be only instlled at the  horizontal direction on the present market.
    Brief introduction
      Jiaan brand of gas enery -saving and purifying safety valve,incorporating multifunction stch as saving energy,purifying environment,is the most nove and advanced protective products. New in using the gas .
      This priduct won three national patents(Patent No.ZL902180398,ZL922250855,ZL972249834,ZL022566406),got "Gold prize at the First International Einstein Invention and New Technology Fair",and has passe the apprisal of National Scientific and Technological Committee as well as science and technology''s achievement[ZKJ.Zi(1998)No.043].
    Scope of applicantion
      This product can be installed on the pressure regulator such as canned liquefying gas,water heater matching with the pipelined gas,gas-fired stove gas driven vehicle gas air-co nditioner,or on The rear valve''s opening behind the meter ,being easy to install on it,which is applied to the spots such as hotel,and dwelling house.

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